Our ProGlob Intravenous immune globulin (IVIg) is a mixture of antibodies that is used to treat a variety of immune system disorders. It is made by gathering blood from thousands of donors to create a concentrated collection of antibodies. Some people may need IVIg because their body does not make enough antibodies on its own. Proimmune is a solvent derived from large pool human plasma for fractionation. The product is manufactured by a Chromatography based purification process.

The manufacturing process incorporates multiple dedicated orthogonal viral inactivation/removal steps ensuring safety of the product.

Presentations:  ProGlob is presented in 5g in a 50mL and 100 mL infusion bottle.

Contraindications:  Hypersensitivity to human immunoglobulin, especially in very rare cases of IgA deficiency in which the patient has antibodies to IgA. Fructose intolerance.

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